Saturday, September 28, 2013

Version .002

OK, I managed to recover the prefabricated enemies I accidentally deleted, and so I decided to compile this version 0.002 to test it out on the web browser, you can check it out on the link above.

I've noticed quite a few issues already, for example if you Fire your gun with the Xbox controller, the firing animation does not trigger, also I keep forgetting of adding a proper exit for when Yoshika is defeated, and many other things that need to be taken care of.

anyway, progress continues, hope you like it.

Still Alive

Hello again.

I'm still here working on this, don't think I've given up, I have just been busy the past week or so, so I haven't done much work. so far due a few changes have been made to the game, most notably is the exclusion of boosting and braking for now.

However, I've also added Xbox 360 controller support, background music and sound fx, as well as getting my first enemy pattern to work correctly.

unfortunately a few minutes ago, I accidentally replaced by Neuroi prefabricated object and over wrote it with an explosion I was trying to implement for when the Neuroi died.. which sucks, but I can get it back... it's just gonna take a bit of work cause I've done so many changes that I hope I don't forget any..... sigh...

anyway, work continues.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Neuroi

OK, so I got regular cubed shaped Neuroi flying around and shooting, so I made in blender some new Neuroi and here are the results, I'm not good at blender but I think they are OK... for now.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finally got the enemies to lead the target and hit the player

Finally got the enemies to be able to lead the player and shoot at the position the player will located, based on the player speed and enemy laser speed.

This was a tuff nut to crack thanks to me not knowing Unity so well, I still don't quite get it exactly, but its a start, hopefully I'll make it better and more efficient.

Now onto making some enemy patterns so they can get into position and fire a few shots at the player, when that is done, I'll release another demo.

Good night everyone, I think I can now get some rest, I believe one of the biggest hurdles have been dealt with.... I can only assume.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Progress Update 0.001

Hi guys.

Well after reading your comments on the game, I've made some changes, and heres a small list


- Character Auto-Advances
- S key no longer works as reverse, its now a momentary Brake
- Fixed some animations but caused issues with others

Working on

- Making W serve as a momentary Boost
- Figuring out how to make enemies shoot ahead of the target so the bullet hits, as it is configured now, by the time the bullet reaches where the player was, the player will have moved on and out of harms way automatically.
- Fixed some animations but caused issues with others

Status of the Game in the Link : Still the old version, I want to get at least the enemy shooting right, before uploading v0.001

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Star Witches is Alive and Well

Hello everyone, after having made the very very very first version available to the public (Strike Witches Alive and Well threads) and having been asked TWICE about having a site to follow the game, I though I'd make this blog thingy.

So this is the first post of hopefully plenty more and that we can all make a game of one of our favorite anime franchises.


Star Witches Current Build

Controls so far (subject to change)
W - Forward
S - Backward
Left Arrow Key
Right Arrow Key
Up Arrow Key
Down Arrow Key
Space = Fire